Stress Management

Stress Management

Johan van Niekerk
Shaheed Areff
LP Moroe
Charl Kruger
Fayyaadh Badat
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About This Course

Learners credited with this course will be able to better manage their own health and wellness. This course is designed to enable people to take charge of their own healing process and gain insight from their difficult life experiences. This course is designed to empower learners to manage stress in their personal lives and work situations in order to improve their quality of life. It is intended for personal development to help the learner identify and manage stress in his/her own life. This course will be useful to learners who are working within the Public Sector, Local Government, commercial or community environment. It will enable learners to apply knowledge, skills and insight in leadership as part of their job.

Learning Objectives

Describing stress in personal life and work situations.
Analysing the causes of stress in personal life and work situations.
Describing reactions to stress.
Applying strategies to manage stress in personal life and work situations.
Reflecting on personal use of time in order to plan a balanced lifestyle.
Researching aspects of a balanced lifestyle and their relationship to productivity.
Investigating tools and techniques to manage time.
Applying knowledge of time management to enhance own productivity and lifestyle.
Identifying causes of stress in own life.
Identifying reactions to stress in own life.
Explaining the concept stress.
Demonstrating and explaining simple calming, relaxing and energising movements.

Target Audience

  • This course will be useful to learners who are working within the Public Sector, Local Government, commercial or community environment.


14 Lessons

Module 01: Stress Management

Study Unit 01: Introduction
Study Unit 02: What is Stress?
Study Unit 03: How does the Body Respond to Stress?
Study Unit 04: A 4-Step Guide to Managing Stress
Study Unit 05: Stress Management Strategies that address the Stressor
Study Unit 06: The Problem Solving approach to Stress Management
Study Unit 07: The following are some strategies you can use to communicate assertively
Study Unit 08: Other Skills
Study Unit 09: Stress – Producing Thinking
Study Unit 10: Negative automatic thoughts
Study Unit 11: Rules and Assumptions
Study Unit 12: Common Cognitive Distortions
Study Unit 13: ANNEXURE 1 – Manage Stress
Study Unit 14: ANNEXURE 2 – Manage Stress

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This course is really spot on, every daily life situation is toutched.




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Good course

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This was a very interesting course. I would recommend this to anybody that wants to reduce their stress levels

Very interesting and insightful... Can definitely use this information in your daily routine...

Very helpful and well spread out

Good course with a lot of different aspects to stress. Interesting

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