Integrated ISO Management Awareness (9001/14001/45001)

Integrated ISO Management Awareness (9001/14001/45001)

Johan van Niekerk
Shaheed Areff
LP Moroe
Charl Kruger
Fayyaadh Badat
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About This Course

The main objective of an awareness training is giving an introduction to the (ISO) International Organization for Standardization for Occupational Health and Safety, Quality and Environment management within your organization.

This course cover the following concepts

  • Management systems standards based on Annex SL
  • Risk Based Thinking
  • ISO Management principals
  • The common clauses
  • Continual improvement based on the PDCA cycle
  • Aims and benefits of a QMS; OHSMS & EMS

Learning Objectives

Explain the purpose and intent of the management systems standards;
Understand the application of the principles of quality, health, safety and environmental management;
Explain the relationships between the clauses of ISO 9001:2015; ISO 45001:2018; ISO 14001:2015.


11 Lessons

Module 01: Introduction

The main objective of an awareness training is to provide you with an introduction to the (ISO) International Organization for Standards for Quality Management Environmental Management Occupational Health and Safety Management At the end of this course you will understand the KEY requirements for ISO management systems.
Study Unit 01: Annexure SL and the Standards
Study Unit 02: Risk Based Thinking
Study Unit 03: ISO Management Principles
Study unit 04: Understanding Resources the ISO way00:00:00

Module 02: Clause 4 – 10

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good course

Thank you this has helped me alot.

Brian Britz
Stefmet Technologies

Good course

Very informative and helpful for those trying to gain an understanding on the standard and what it entails

Detailed description of the core principles relating to the ISO Standards

Very informative

As the Human Resources and Finance Manager I found very useful on all the areas that a person can target for a profitable and customer satisfaction business.

Best explained and put together.

Very informative


Well Presented


Well presented



well presented

Easy to understand and a well written. Thanks


well presented and useful information

Well presented

very well explained

Well presented and use full information

very well presented for all to understand thank you

Well preseneted


good course


Was very interesting

Good course, thank you

The course was an eye opener for me since it was actually my first time learning most of the information. It has equipped me with proper knowledge that I can implement in the business going foward

Very well structured course.

Easy to understand and a well written course.

It is very well put out and helps a lot

I like the way the course is presented. The clauses is easily understandable and straight forward

Very informative and set out in a excellent manner

The course covers the fundamentals and requirements needed for an integrated management system to be implemented. It definitely inspires to think more out of the box on some elements. This course is a must before jumping deeper into ISO to prepare any newcomer. Ps, 4 star rating (selection on stars was not working)

Sections well formulated, key points properly expressed and proper flow between study units.
ISO Standards and their integration requirements well explained in detail.
Video Presentations are excessive and a repetition of already provided documented information.

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