9 Lessons

The aim of this course is to provide you with …

Occupational Health and Safety Officer

25 Lessons

Learn to operate as an Occupational Health and Safety Officer. …

What you'll learn
Inspect work places and environments to identify the occupational health and safety hazards and determine the risks associated with the work.
Facilitate and support actions to eliminate or control hazards in order to minimise risks in a designated work area.
Represent the needs of employees with regard to Occupational Health and Safety matters.
Participate in the planning and implementation of operational Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.
Monitor and continually improve the effectiveness of operational Occupational Health and Safety systems.

MHSA – Executive Legal Liability

29 Lessons

MHSA – Executive Legal Liability Course – The training provides …

What you'll learn
At the completion of this course, participants will have a fundamental understanding of the legal requirements imposed by the Mine Health and Safety Act, and how these would be discharged.
This will include understanding and application of:
• underlying themes and objectives to the Act
• general duties of the employer, including relating these to subordinate levels of legal requirements
• elements of a health and safety compliance management system
• incident management requirements and principles
• legal requirements and practical implementation of a system review process
• awareness of provision for administrative enforcement of the legal requirements by means of inspectors, investigations and inquiries
• awareness of provision for legal enforcement of the legal requirements by means of created offences and penalties

SHERQ Business Management

59 Lessons

SHERQ Business Management for Practitioners – A course for people …

What you'll learn
Roles and Responsibilities of Health and Safety Representatives.
Technical Safety;
Occupational Health;
Environmental Management;
Risk Management;
Incident Investigation;
OHS Management System;
Quality Management; and
Business Management.

Legal Liability For Leaders and Nema Awareness

8 Lessons

Legal Liability for Leaders and Nema Awareness Course – This …

What you'll learn
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of the relevant legislation.
Explain the requirements for compliance as stipulated in the current legislation.
Determine the management controls required under legislation to achieve compliance.
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of record keeping required by the legislation.
Explain the legal obligations of the employer in terms of training and communication.

General Supervisor

16 Lessons

General Supervisor – Having a supervisor who is well trained …

What you'll learn
Coach a team member in order to enhance individual performance in work environment.
Coaching in a business environment.
Skills and techniques required of a coach.
Developing action plans to coach team members.
Gathering evidence and monitor progress.
Manage time effectively to enhance productivity and enable a balanced lifestyle.
Reflecting on personal use of time in order to plan a balanced lifestyle.
Researching aspects of a balanced lifestyle and their relationship to productivity.
Investigate tools and techniques to manage time.
Applying knowledge of time management to enhance own productivity and lifestyle.
Conduct workplace Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) inspections.
Relevant legal requirements and Regulations as per Occupational Health and Safety Act.
GMR Regulations
DMR Regulations
Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) Process and Risk control.
Environmental Management and Environmental Legislation.
Emergency Preparedness.
Incident Management.
PPE types.
Conducting inspections to improve / prevent non-compliance in the workplace.

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA)

7 Lessons

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA) – At the end …

What you'll learn
Explain the specified requirements needed to conduct a base-line risk assessment.
Prepare to conduct a baseline risk assessment.
Conduct a baseline risk assessment.
Initiate remedial action for hazards identified and risks assessed.

Permit to Work

14 Lessons

Learners credited with this unit standard will be able to …

What you'll learn
Discussing the intention of a work permit system.
Interpreting the reasons for issuing a work permit.
Realising the objectives / functions and features of a work permit system.
Interpreting the considerations in developing a work permit system.
Comprehending work permit information.
Discussing the roles and responsibilities in developing a work permit system.
Interpreting the steps in the work permit process.
Comprehending the review and analysis of the work permit.
Discussing the training requirements and records to be kept of work permits.