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Introduction to General Data Protection 2018 European Union (EU) & POPI Act (SA)

1 Lesson

Introduction to General Data protection 2018 European Union (EU) & …

What you'll learn
Learners found competent in this course will be able to explain the basic principles of relevant Protection of Personal Information Act and the consequences of non-compliance.

Stress Management

14 Lessons

Learners credited with this course will be able to better …

What you'll learn
Describing stress in personal life and work situations.
Analysing the causes of stress in personal life and work situations.
Describing reactions to stress.
Applying strategies to manage stress in personal life and work situations.
Reflecting on personal use of time in order to plan a balanced lifestyle.
Researching aspects of a balanced lifestyle and their relationship to productivity.
Investigating tools and techniques to manage time.
Applying knowledge of time management to enhance own productivity and lifestyle.
Identifying causes of stress in own life.
Identifying reactions to stress in own life.
Explaining the concept stress.
Demonstrating and explaining simple calming, relaxing and energising movements.

Covid-19 At The Workplace

4 Lessons

This training course provides information regarding Covid-19, the dangers of …

What you'll learn
Understanding the Corona Virus
Understanding how the Virus Spread
How to Prevent the Spread of the Corona Virus
Managing Covid-19 at the Workplace

Managing HIV At The Workplace

8 Lessons

This course provides a broad introduction to HIV/AIDS in the …

What you'll learn
Explaining HIV/AIDS.
Describing what behaviour is safe and what behaviour carries the risk of HIV/AIDS transmission.
Interpreting data and trends on HIV/AIDS in order to explain the potential impact on a community, an organisation and a business sector.
Investigating the guidelines and assistance that are available to support workers affected by HIV/AIDS.
Explaining the implications of the HIV/AIDS pandemic for the community, the economy, an organisation and a specific workplace.